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Reviews of Amped Wireless High Power 700mW Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Range Extender

Amped Wireless High Power 700mW Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Range Extender
Customer Ratings: 4 stars
List Price: $209.99
Sale Price: $205.35
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I am not a tech person and I followed the direction's carefully and was done in 30 min. Works as expected, but put it in a place where you have good reception and it will then boost it further. (Use a wifi meter app from your smart phone...and it will help find the best location.)

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Have to say, I'm very impressed with this product. Compared to just owning a Wi-Fi router, you can see the difference instantly. All I have is perfect connection now with no interruptions! Highly recommend this product to anyone looking to boost their Wi-Fi range!

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The Amped Wireless technician Cedrick was terrific in helping me with the installation. The REA20 is not the simplest device to get up and running but once the correct settings were established it now works great. The 5.0 GHZ signal is a full 5 bars throughout my 3000 sqft house allowing me to stream HD video with no rebuffering.

Honest reviews on Amped Wireless High Power 700mW Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Range Extender

I bought a Amped cheaper model but while it worked ok it was very sensitive to placement and too slow, kept dropping out on hd stuff. I have extended property and a another house about 100 ft away from router. So I needed to get a better signal and faster unit. I looked at the Asus model as it gets great reviews but it did not have any connectivity options which I needed. I returned the other unit and ordered this and it has worked marvelously. I couldn't be more satisfied. Sometimes my signal gets down to 61-65 on the meter, Amped recommends 70 for optimum ( I have a metal container in the way as we are doing renovations, I suspect once moved it will be at optimum signal strength). It still works very well with less than optimum signal and is very fast able to transmit any thing I throw at it. As this was my only option, a wireless repeater, to get signal to my other building I have to say this was a great solution. Its a bit high priced but look at it this way. If I had to get internet through a provider such as Comcast it would be over $50 a month, so this will pay for itself in 4 months. The cost of cable and internet is staggering these days and this allowed us to use our existing internet to connect too without incurring further costs.

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I just got this less than 2 weeks now trying to return it since they said it should cover up to 10000 sq ft. And this is a lie don't fall for it. If you didn't buy it from you might be charged for restocking fee from 20 to 30% depends on the package you send back. I only have 2500 sq ft for the whole house. 20 feet away and the signal's gone. And please tell me should I kept this 200 dollars item? And they said they I will have to pay shipping fee for both ways!!!!!! Hope Amazon can resolve this problem for me!!!!

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Review of D-Link DAP-1350 Wireless-N Pocket Router

D-Link DAP-1350 Wireless-N Pocket Router
Customer Ratings: 4 stars
List Price: $89.99
Sale Price: $40.55
Today's Bonus: 55% Off
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I've been looking for something like this for a long time, something to carry in my laptop bag when I travel and something to carry in my IT toolkit.

This device has 3 operational modes with different uses. I wouldn't recommend this device unless you need to switch between these modes with the same device, but that feature has good uses.

There is a Client mode. This will allow you to join the device to a wireless network, and bridge it to the ethernet port. This means you can connect a wired device to a wireless network. The downside to this mode is that one must first manually configure an IP address in the subnet of the Dlink default IP ( so one can get to the configuration, then reset their IP back to dynamic or an IP in the wireless network you're connecting to.

This is useful for when someone moves a wired only computer or printer where there isn't a wire yet, and you need to just get it working for a while until the cabling happens or a more permanant device is ordered. You can also use it to connect your Xbox over at a friend's house. They may have wireless, you may have wired like in my case. Just configure it for their network and plug it into your xbox and bring it over. There's other potential uses for this mode too.

There is a Router mode. This will let you share an internet connection on the wired port with wireless devices. This puts them behind a NAT router as well, with all the usual settings. This is the easiest to setup and understand, just like your typical router but missing wired ports. You can get in on the default dlink wireless network, go to the default IP ( and then change any settings, setup security, setup a static WAN address etc.

This is useful for when you want to share a dsl modem with a group of laptops, or join a laptop to a wired network but have it behind the NAT firewall, isolating it from incoming access from that network. I really won't use this option much, but as an IT guy, it's helpful to have in my laptop bag a spare router that could be setup for wireless clients in a pinch.

There is a Access Point mode. This will let you bridge a wired network into a wireless network. This bypasses any firewall/router and will share the wired network's DHCP and all that. This works out of the box with no configuration, but I'd recommend connecting to the wired port with a static ip to connect to the and changing the name/setting up security. You don't want to have rogue access points allowing people unsecured access to your wired network usually, even temporarily.

This is the most useful mode for me. You can use this at locations that don't have a wireless. Just plug it in, and then you can connect your laptop and roam around without having to cable your laptop in. You can connect multiple devices as well. This is good for taking a hotel with a poor or no wireless connection but a wired one, and still using your iPhone/Android wifi for example. Most of my clients don't use wireless on the corporate lan, so I can use this to jack in and use my tablet without dragging the cord around.

It comes with a nice zipper case for cables, AC adapter and the device, though it is slightly larger than it needs to be.

It has a USB cord to power the device off the laptop instead of the AC adapter, but it seems like the range is reduced in this mode.

The range isn't as good as a larger wireless N device with larger antenna (internal or external)

There is no antenna jack for an external antenna.

There is a USB port to share with the Shareport utility or use a 3G modem with it, only in router mode.

Each mode switch has it's own config, passwords, defaults and so on. I suggest using a labelmaker to record the important settings on the device for each switch mode if they are changed.

It supports WPS and has a WPS button even, but I didn't test that since I dislike automagic wizards.

The only way I can imagine this being improved is the external antenna jack, a second LAN port for LAN router mode and maybe a battery (ala mifi devices) to run for a few hours without having to find a power cord.

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I used this Link when I travel to be able to connect my Ipad in hotels without WiFi. The setup was easy, I just plugged it in. Tried it in several hotels around China, it worked EVERYTIME!

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Bought a couple of these a few months ago for use on work computers that were Ethernet capable only...problem is that most hotels are wireless only. In bridge/adapter mode, these convert the wireless signal to Ethernet and problem was solved. Also use it to connect my satellite TV receiver to my wireless network for ordering movies vice running cables across the room...3 position switch makes it easy to switch modes and share an internet connection with others.

Honest reviews on D-Link DAP-1350 Wireless-N Pocket Router

Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program In this day and age, most hotels and motels offer free Wi-Fi in the room and in the lobby. But there are still some that just have an Ethernet cable sticking out of the wall and do not have Wi-Fi signal in the guest rooms.

This pocket router can convert a wired connection to wireless (This adding Wi-Fi/wireless to an existing wired network is called the Access Point Mode), so that I can use all my wireless gadgets in my room. I can add encryption (use WPA or WPA2 for better security) to the Wi-Fi signal, so it is actually better than the open Wi-Fi signal offered by hotels. The Access Point Mode is the configuration in which most people will use.

The Wireless Client Mode does the reverse. It converts a wireless signal to a wired connection. Older computers and many game consoles do not have wireless capability. In an area where you only have wireless signal but no Ethernet (wired) network, you can use this pocket router to grab the wireless signal, convert it, then send it through the router's Ethernet port to your device. An example would be using an old Sony PS3 to play online games in a hotel room that has only Wi-Fi but no Ethernet cable.

The Router Mode is less useful for an end user, because in most situations, there is already a router in an existing network, and therefore there is no need to add another one.

I have only used this DLink in the Access Point Mode and it is fast and safe.

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Setting up personal networks baffle me; By now I expect something to be basically plug it in and away you go. If I buy it and it isn't it goes back to the store. Forget the toll free number. Forget the call a friend. Forget the service guy. For 60 some bucks it works or it doesn't.

So enter the D-Link DAP-1350. D-Link never says 'easy' on the box but I needed a solution for the office so I bought it. The unit is small yes BUT when combined with the external power supply it is a pouch of proportion not epic proportion but proportion.

I use a wired network at the office. However I wanted something to tap into that network and provide a secure wireless access point for my smartphone and tablet. The DAP-1350 has three modes router, access point and something else I will not use in my lifetime so I haven't bothered with it. I found the three modes confusing so I watched a YouTube presentation on the device which clarified things immensely. I toggled the DAP-1350 to the Access Point position and lit it up. My laptop saw it instantly and Windows 7 asked if I wanted to establish a secure network. I clicked absolutely it asked me for a name, then I was asked to enter a WPS PIN number for security and I was up and running securely. Amazing. It also shot a code (not the PIN) at me to connect wireless devices to the network.

When I travel I will flick the switch to Router and use it for wireless connectivity when there is only in-room wired Ethernet.

I looked at routers where you can plug a 3G fob into them and you are wireless via a cell phone connection but this type of connection is expensive and I have found unreliable especially in South America.

All in all the DAP-1350 is perfect for my uses and is a fine addition to my travel bag.

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Best Apple AirPort Extreme Dual-band Base Station MB763LL/A Deals

Apple AirPort Extreme Dual-band Base Station MB763LL/A
Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars
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Hi All,

True to my gadget envy, I acquired one of these dual band extreme base stations to see if they held up to the hype. Sure enough, Apple has improved an old mediocre product with a new more powerful hardware engine and improved software abilities.


802.11 A/B/G/N DUAL Band radios at 2.4ghz and 5ghz simultaneously.

Gigabit Ethernet ports 1x Wan and 3x Lan.

Guest wireless network.

Disk sharing via USB connected drive.

Access to shared disk via MobileMe (apple mobile me subscribers on os x).

The box comes with the router, the power cord, software cd, and documentation.

Time to test.

Setup: Setup of an apple base station is unlike any other in that you cannot access the setup portal via your web browser. You must install the Apple Airport utility (both mac and windows) in order to set the router up. The software is built very well and provides the typical ease of use known to MAC users. You simply walk through a setup wizard and define simple options for your internet connection, your wireless network, etc, etc. NOTE: When setting up your wireless networks you are able to hit the options button so that you can define a 5ghz network as well (example, main wireless network called wifi, the 5ghz is called wifi (5ghz)). Very easy to setup and get going. You are also able to easily define a SECURED (wpa/wpa2) guest wireless network....which simply means that if you have a visitor they can use wi-fi but not get to any of the computers on your home network. Very Secure....and a great feature to boot.

I was using the old Apple Base Station and kept switching between it and a d-link wireless n router.... I got one of these primarily due to dual band and guest access.

Yes, there are other routers out there that can do this for a bit of a lower cost...but the elegance of the Apple Airport Utility make this a router that can be setup without too much hassle. The software will also identify problems in the setup and have you correct them before it uploads them to the router. These abilities alone make this a router for the non-geeks to be able to setup a robust networking environment at home.

Wireless: As I mentioned before, I am comparing this to an older model apple base station that was single band and worked in the N range. Also compared this against a D-Link DIR-655 which is a 2.4ghz Wireless N router. The section on speed below will detail my wireless experience.

Speed: I have Comcast cable modem service which gives me about 15-25mbps down and 2mbps up....I live in an area where there are probably 5-10 my speed is generally GREAT and never experiences a slow down. The first thing I do when I play with a new router is do a speed test....the new base station is comparable to the others and gets the same exact download/upload speeds over ethernet. There is one exception....using the wireless on this unit yielded BETTER results then the older model and the d-link. Normally when doing a speed test over wireless I get about 12-15mbps and 2mbps up....with this router I was able to successfully hit the 20mbps mark and 2mbps UP. WIN WIN!!!! So I figured that this may be an anomaly and thus proceeded to test a download from Microsoft a 3.4gb file which normally downloads anywhere between 900kpbs and 1.2mbps. Surprise.....with the new base station I stayed at 1.3mbps and it did not hiccup even once. The same was true when downloading via a wireless connection, albeit the speed was 1.0mbps....faster then I have ever gotten before. WIN WIN again!

Disk Sharing Not much to be said here...I attached a Western Digital USB hard drive 320gb and shared it. You simply go into the Airport Utility software and setup sharing of the hard drive and define which password should be used. You can either use the password for the router or setup a separate password to use with Disk Sharing. Speed is dependent upon wired or wireless. I tested while transferring 3 was 2mb one was 100mb and one was a 2.5gb file. The two mb file of course went over before I could blink...the 100mb transferred over in about 3-4 minutes...the 2.5gb took about 15 minutes. The first transfer test was with ETHERNET connectivity. I did the same tests over wireless and found that the times doubled...naturally since wireless is a bit slower I expected that and had no issue with the times.

Mobile-Me I have not tested the mobile me features just yet but will be testing them in the days ahead and post my results here.

So far I feel this router has hit perfection and will now find a permanent spot in my least until something better hits.

Please do leave me comments with suggestions on the review and or any questions you may have.

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Thanks to the easy setup through AirPort Utility, I was up and running within minutes. This router has rock-solid wireless connections and excellent range. Operation has been flawless, no signal drops like with some competing routers. Unlike the previous generation MB053LL/A which could only operate in one band at a time, Apple has added a 2nd radio to this new unit that allows for allows for simultaneous dual-band operation It's like 2 routers in 1. This router allows you operate 5.0 Ghz-compatible devices on one network and 2.4 Ghz-compatible devices on the other, all from this one router. My wireless N-equipped aluminum MacBook connects to the 5.0 Ghz band and gets wireless local network speeds ranging from 200 mbps to 300 mbps. My other b/g devices connect to the slower 2.4 Ghz band. By default setup, there is one network name. When you connect to it, it will automatically join the band (2.4 Ghz or 5.0 Ghz) with the fastest connection speed that your wireless device supports. For example, a new wireless N-equipped MacBook will automatically connect via N to the 5.0 Ghz band. In addition, there is an option to assign a separate name to the 5.0 Ghz network which you can manually connect to if you so choose.

The Guest Network feature is a nice addition and certainly sets this router apart from the competition. It allows you to give Internet access only to visitors simply by setting up a separate guest network in AirPort Utility. When a user connects to the guest network, the router uses a built-in algorithm to automatically join them to the band (2.4 Ghz or 5.0 Ghz) with the fastest connection speed.

I connected a Brother HL-2140 laser printer to the usb port on the router and it worked perfectly, without having to install any print drivers.

I highly recommend this router.

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My fourth Apple AirPort router, my eighth overall. In general, you get better value for your dollar from other manufacturers. And for any network scenario I've dealt with, I've spent far, far more time debugging problems with the AirPort routers than I have for the others. That may seem counter-intuitive given Apple's reputation for simplicity, but in the network arena that's been my experience. Some of the areas where Apple falls short, in my view...

Security: AirPort Extremes always reply to an outside Ping. There's nothing you can do about it, so the black hats always know your network exists. Not a great idea. Every other router I've used had a more sophisticated firewall (AirPorts only have NAT), and kept more detailed logs.

Range: Don't believe the hype about twice the range (note that the fine print on the box says it offers twice the range compared to *Apple's* previous G-band products). In practice the range is no better than my old G-band router the AirPort replaced, and if you intend to use the less-crowded 5 MHz N-band the range will be about half of that. Maybe 30 feet around here.

Documentation: Like most things Apple, the documentation is pretty, but too insubstantial to be of much real help. I guess in the interests of trying to keep things simple Apple likes to use its own parlance rather than generally accepted WiFi terms (e.g., "closed network" is Applespeak for 'don't broadcast the SSID'), so you end up having to puzzle things out if you do happen to already know a few things about networking. In general there's inadequate discussion of the various things you really need to know to configure the product for any but the most mundane installations. You'll end up scanning the Apple discussion forums for answers, or Googling. Takes time.

Updates: AirPort software updates tend to be problematic. Always wait awhile and check the discussion forums before installing updates. There often seem to be problems with attached USB disks (I lost everything on a Seagate drive two releases ago, forums report more disk problems with the latest release), and if you're really unlucky you end up with a brick. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to downgrade to a prior release when you do have problems (if you know the secret of the Option key), but again, you've wasted time.

Router Admin. You can administer most other routers using a browser, but the AirPort requires an application called "AirPort Utility." Yet another piece of software to keep current. The Windows version is a bit different than the Mac version, a bit behind in terms of features, and seemingly somewhat less stable than the Mac version. I always use the Mac versions for updating the routers. Seems to result in fewer problems.

So that's about it. Not a bad product by any means, but not the best value in terms of time or money, either.

Honest reviews on Apple AirPort Extreme Dual-band Base Station MB763LL/A

To start, I run a mix environment. I have 1 Macbook, 1 XP PC, 1 Vista PC, 1 Ubuntu laptop, 1 HP ex470 homeserver, 1 PS3, 1 Xbox 360, and 1 Wii. This router is the third router I have ever owned. I owned two Linksys w54g before. Each time I moved, I left the router for person who stayed behind. This time, I moved in with my wife and decided to purchase the Apple Extreme because I wanted wireless N and I do like Apple products and wanted to try and see if it was worth the price.

First Impression and setup

This product, like all other Apple products was neatly packed and beautifully designed. Setup was very easy. Since I did not have an old router to migrate previous settings from, I had to start a new setup. The process was very easy and I love the ability to setup Guest Network. It probably took me 15 mins to get the router set up and my hard wired XP PC to access the internet. No problems what-so-ever. Like all the other reviews, I did not like that I had to install the utility software to setup the router however, I knew this before the purchase.

The next step was to setup the rest of my devices. Adding almost all of the other devices was a breeze.......except for the Xbox 360. I kept getting the "NAT is STRICT" message. I tried setting up a DMZ for the 360 according to some online tutorials but it still would not work. The final solution was to switch the modem to bridge mode and let the Router handle the NAT. Once I completed all the necessary setups, I kept getting drops in signals. Sometime it would be at 4 bars and sometime I would get 1 bar. My Linksys had no problems handling all of my devices out of the box so I don't understand why I have to jump through hoops to get the Apple one to work.

I also had to setup a static IP for the HP homeserver but I knew I had to do that going in because the Apple Extreme doesn't suppot UPnP [..]

Finally, I set up the shared drive through the router. That was also a hassle. Initially, I got the drive connected and every computer on the network could see it. After I rebooted my windows machine, I could not connect to the share drive. Somehow, the apple utility would not accept the "SAVED" password that I assigned it during setup. Not sure why. I reformatted the harddrive to a Mac format (It was Fat 32 before) and connected the drive and started over. Still nothing. The linux and mac notebook saw the drive just fine but none of the windows machine could. Then, out of the blue, everything started working again.

In conclusion, if you're running an Apple only network, go for it. This router rocks and is very easy to setup. If you're running a mix environment, you might want to think twice about dealing with the hassle. Xbox will probably run into setup problems if you're try to connect wirelessly. Google it and you will see that there are plenty of people out there with the same problem. I was unaware of the connectivity problems with the 360 prior to purchasing this device. If I had know about it, I would've probably gone with the Dlink wireless N dual band router which has also gotten good reviews. I gave it 4 stars because once you get it setup, the router just work. I docked it one star because the setup was a hassle for mix environment and the problems I encountered with the network drive.

Update: It seems my shared hard drive issue is related to the new firmware 7.4.2. A lot of people reported losing connection to the hard drive once they upgraded to the new firmware.

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I had wrestled with other wireless routers for years the last being a D-link Now my 4th is this Apple. I have a mixed network of wired and wireless, 2 Macs, Apple TV, a Ruko, and 2 PCs. It took less than 5 min. to network each Mac, Ruko and the Apple TV. The PCs took about 6 min because Bonjour needed to loaded. Even my Asus netbook was simple. I could not believe how easy and now I have a 2 band (both bands are used by the Apple products) encrypted, 2 network system running at > 300 mbits instead of 54. It increased the reliability of the cable internet but not its speed (most cable internet is very fast but not that fast. What it does do is increase my transfer speed of photos and music between computers . I was almost disappointed I did not get to fiddle with the system just a little more. Took me five minutes this morning to add a USB hard drive. I think next I'll ad a hub and a printer or maybe more hard drives nice choices

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Cheap Alfa AWUSO36NH High Gain USB Wireless G / N Long-Rang WiFi Network

Alfa AWUSO36NH High Gain USB Wireless G / N Long-Rang WiFi Network Adapter
Customer Ratings: 3.5 stars
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I was having difficulty getting a good connection to a Linksys access point in my home (802.11g). The distance from my PC isn't actually all that far (just a couple of rooms), but apparently the walls in between and/or the low power (?) signal from the router resulted in reception hovering around 2 bars on both my laptop's built-in wireless and my desktop PC's Netgear WPN111 USB adapter (internal antenna).

Ping times to other machines on my local home network were all over the board, 5ms, 100ms, 1500ms, time-outs, it was pretty terrible. Playing online games was out of the question. gave me a grade "F"

So, after looking around a bit on the net and hearing generally good things about these Alfa units, I picked up this 2watt 802.11n-compatible one (figured I might be on N networks in the future).

I plugged in the Alfa, let Windows find and install drivers (I still had my Netgear USB attached at this point, to let it connect to Windows Update if needed), removed the Netgear, set up the network connection using Windows's built-in functions (didn't bother with installing Alfa's drivers/utility)...

...boom! Immediately gets 4 bars. I moved the adapter around a bit and got it to stay at 5 bars.

Local network pings are consistently

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Reviews of Dell Inspiron i17RN-2929BK 17-Inch Laptop (Diamond Black)

Dell Inspiron i17RN-2929BK 17-Inch Laptop
Customer Ratings: 4 stars
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I purchased this laptop as an extra computer in case something happened to my desktop. My husband has his own business so it is necessary to have a working computer at all times. This computer has a 17 inch screen and also a numerical key pad, unlike previous laptops. We are very pleased with the performance and also we love the ability to change the color. This is my 4th Dell computer and I have always been pleased with the quality and the technical support that we have used on several occasions.

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Quite the step up from my old 2004 Dell Inspiron 15" that still works great...the chassis is just wearing out from everyday use. I have nothing but praise to give Dell. They make an affordable, quality product. This is the 4th Dell computer in my second. I have and would recommend them over and over again to anyone who asks!

Best Deals for Dell Inspiron i17RN-2929BK 17-Inch Laptop (Diamond Black)

I bought one at bestBuy. An glossy blue polished body wrapped an i3 processor, 4 GB memory and 500 GB 5400 rpm HDD.


The body feels sturdy and light weight. There is very tiny flex on the keyboard and palm rests. Overall construction looks very good. At this price, there is no room for grumbling on this count.


It comes with two USB 3.0 ports. It also has the standard HDMI, USB 2.0 and SD card reader ports.


The display is gorgeous and the audio, while not spectacular, is very good and is loud enough without the headphones. The web camera is also good for video chats.


The touchpad is smooth and the sensitivity can be configured through the Windows Mobility center. The touchpad buttons though are really hard and clicking on the outer edges of these buttons will give you sore fingers. You have to press them around the middle or inner edge to be kinder to your fingers. The keyboard is good though I felt it could have been a touch softer to type.


The wifi is pretty good and I did not have any issues using it.


Battery life is about 3 hours on a charge with medium level of processing.


The 2nd Gen Intel® Core(tm) i3-2350M processor provides higher performance than my previous laptop with i5-520M and it runs really cool.


This laptop is sturdy and arrayed with the latest ports. I'd highly recommend it to everyone.

Honest reviews on Dell Inspiron i17RN-2929BK 17-Inch Laptop (Diamond Black)

this laptop is super. worked perfect rite out of the carton. nice design, nice screen , speed is great. love it!

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Im older so don't know and cant judge the bells and whistles of the product but it works well for me and its attractive looking. The only issue I had with it is that it came with lots of games on it (not my thing) and a 30 day free trial of McCaffey but I bought Norton already and so had to pay someone to get that stuff off my computer (told you Im a real basic user). Sometimes I have gliches and manage to muddle through and I don't understand how to find cookies and get rid of them. Then scan disk and defrag are difficult to find so any problems I had were not with the machine but the way the software was set up. The computer itself is great and now I don't have to drive my powerchair to the library to use a computer so I am very grateful its working well. I was concerned because it was a big buy for my budget.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cheap D-Link Systems HD Media Router 1000 (DIR-657)

D-Link Systems HD Media Router 1000
Customer Ratings: 2.5 stars
List Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $37.99
Today's Bonus: 75% Off
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I've decided to pack this thing and send it back to Amazon after having it up for less than a day. I was just tired of the constant rebooting, and it even disconnects at one point while on the phone with Dlink support which terminates the conversation because my VoIP runs through the router. I went back to my old DIR-655 router which works great except for VoIP latency issues That I have been experiencing...

****** UPDATE *******

I have decided to tweak the router a bit before sending it back to Amazon, and after messing around with all the settings, OpenDNS DNS server addresses seems to be the issue. I went back to using the DNS servers assigned by my ISP, and voila, my restarting issue went away at least for now. No more choppy VoIP calls, so I have decided to hold on to this router for now..

**** Update ****

I discovered OpenDNS was not the culprit after reconnecting my external USB drive to the router. The router went back to rebooting itself every 15 minutes once the drive was reconnected. I disconnected the drive, and the router has been up for about 5 days now with no issue. I hope Dlink address the issue in the next firmware release for this router..

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I've been a long time use of D-Link products. I bought the this to upgrade from my 655. Big problems from day 1, it constantly locks up and needs rebooted. 2-3 times a day. So I did an RMA and got the replacement. Did the configuration from scratch. After a little time same problem. Constantly locking up. I tried turning off QoS, firewall, etc. The configuration I used almost identically matches what I used on the 655. The interface is exactly the same and so are the settings for the most part. This device really seems like a minor update from the 655, basically just a repackaging of the 655 internals with some new antenna tech. I'm using a static IP from my ISP, static LAN IP addresses, and a small DHCP pool. Nothing to complex. Seems like I'm not the only person with this problem.

Best Deals for D-Link Systems HD Media Router 1000 (DIR-657)

Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program This router is absolutely disappointing in performance. I spent a long time with this router (about 3 months) just trying to troubleshoot and fix to get it up to acceptable condition. Bottom line is that D-Link should have just scrapped this model. Maybe the higher-end models like the D-Link HD Media Router 2000 (DIR-827) or the D-Link HD Media Router 3000 (DIR-857) perform better, and if so D-Link should have just sold those models.

Let's get to the bad parts:

-Web GUI is the same tired layout. Please change!

-Single-band (2.4 GHz), not dual-band. I have several boxes that utilize the 5 GHz band to stream videos (especially HD movies) and unfortunately this router only has the 2.4 GHz band. Slows down wireless speed with more than one wireless user.

-SharePort Plus is only USB 2.0 (not USB 3.0)

-Wireless signal is weak. When I compared it to other wireless-N routers (DIR-645, DIR-655, and even the Linksys WRT110) this DIR-657 had the weakest signal. I even brought this router upstairs (installed in the main hallway) and tested the signal for upstairs use, and the DIR-655 downstairs still has a stronger signal and faster data speed than the DIR-657.

-Constantly drops connection. This happens with any device (iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, PCs) connected to this router. When I switch to any other wireless router, no dropped connection.

-As a router, data transfer speed is really poor. Streaming an HD movie from a NAS onto a hard-wired computer works fine, but if another person watches YouTube from another computer or Netflix from an iPad, then forget it... the HD movie will stutter and exhibit delays. This does not happen when the DIR-645 or the DIR-655 is set up as the router.

-Lately, the router needs constant rebooting. It started out requiring a monthly restart, then every other week, then every week, and now I need to restart the router 2-3 times a week. Completely unacceptable.

-I have no use for an SD card slot on a router, since I upload data on my computer (not my router). This seems more like a gimmick addon, with little or no functional usability.

Are there any good parts? There probably are, but not enough for to overcome the long list of negatives. I try not to use this router anymore, since these problems still exist even with the latest firmware update (1.01).

Maybe my setup is too advanced for the DIR-657, although none of the other wireless routers have a problem with this setup. If this is a stand-alone wireless router, and you have one or two devices connected to it, it may work. I let my friend use it for a week. He connected his laptop via ethernet/RJ45 and only used it to send and receive emails. He did not really surf the web (or surf it extensively). He had no complaints, but he also did not really use it as much as the average internet user. So I suppose it can work if you don't expect too much out of it, and if you don't go through a lot of internet and/or local bandwidth.

For what I want or need it to do, I cannot recommend this router.

Honest reviews on D-Link Systems HD Media Router 1000 (DIR-657)

This product regularly (~2x/hr) drops wireless clients when streaming media from one wireless client to another. I have tried modifying every wireless setting in the router's firmware, to no effect.

It is very fast when it works, but it doesn't work reliably.


Shipping and restocking were too expensive to RMA this unit, so I let it sit in the corner of my office for a month. Yesterday I pulled it out and tried to get SharePort working, since that would at least be *something*. No such luck. :( This device is just unbelievably bad, and it's not just my unit the whole device suffers from multiple poor design choices.

To expound on my earlier review:

* The wireless signal is weak with short range.

* Repeatedly (~2x/hr) drops connections when streaming media (even if only one side is wireless and the other side is wired) or when a Wii is connected.

* Router firmware requires constant reboots when changing the simplest settings such as enabling/disabling access control rules. Each reboot takes ~60 seconds. This means you spend hours setting it up instead of minutes. Tip: the latest firmware (v1.01, Mar 2012) does allow you to make several changes and then reboot once.

* Cannot disable NAT to operate unit as a bridge.

* Does not support SharePort through the WAN port. I couldn't get SharePort working at all, actually.

In short, this is a terrible, terrible product. Seriously, I have gotten no use whatsoever out of it, and it's too expensive to return. I just paid $$ for some expensive trash. Seriously. I'm throwing it away tomorrow. I wouldn't even donate this to GoodWill why give someone else the pain?

Unbelievably bad!

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for D-Link Systems HD Media Router 1000 (DIR-657)

There are many bad reviews for this product and I'm not sure why. The only things I can think of is firmware, configuration errors, or using it behind a 2Wire/U-verse type of Modem/router and loosing traffic thru multiple NAT and Multicast packet loss because of not configuring both to work together. To be fair, the 2Wire/U-verse device and others like them are not really router friendly and for most people who want speed and bandwidth upgrades an Access Point would be more useful.

I had been using a DIR-655 that was equipped with three D-Link 7dBi Indoor Antenna. Working together, they covered my home.

But I have three insufferable dead spots. With the extra antenna I managed coverage thru two of the three dead spots I was bypassing the third with PowerLine Adapters.

The DIR-655 died, I bought a DIR-826L N600 Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud Router to replace it, and did not get the coverage I needed in either band. It was much weaker than the old DIR-655. Immediately I returned the DIR-826L N600 Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud Router.

I replaced it with the D-Link Systems HD Media Router 1000 DIR-657.

It gives me a better signal strength thru my entire home. Now instead of three dead spots I have one weak spot. I still use the PowerLine Adapters so I do not have to worry about Streaming HD Video to an area that is three solid brick walls in a direct line from that room and the DIR-657 Routers position. Wireless connects to that room at a stable 21 Mbps.

Considering I could not see my Network from in there before, that's not bad. It's been up and online since my final reboot after configuration. There has never been a problem Ive seen and the logging shows everything I expect. I like it.

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Daughters disk drive isn't working so I had to go to their website to download software to install, but then I couldn't figure out how to run it (only save) , so I looked at package and it said plug and play, so I put it in usb slot, restarted computer and it installed itself... don't know if it's because I saved software off website or if it installed itself but either way, with the disk set up would take you probably what 30 seconds? I've bought quite a few of these because they don't last if they are left on 24/7 (even the expensive ones) This particular one was the easiest of set up and it's fast, and connection is good through one floor and one door...

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first one quit in less then a month amazon replaced it with no problem replacement is working strong with no problems